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4 tricks to get noticed in the real world

Updated: Nov 7, 2018

The world is more digital by the day and online marketing is becoming more accessible to everyone.

However, the importance of being noticed in the real world, in your local area, is not decreasing.

It’s increasing.

Having a local presence is staple for small businesses when it comes to building a loyal and regular customer base.

So here are 4 ways to get your business noticed in the real world

1) Brand everything

In the UK today 1 in 7 people run their own business. That’s 10x the amount that did in 2005

This has therefore led to a lot of competition in many markets. In the UK the average small business has 8 competitors in a 15 mile radius

This has led to an abundance of choice for consumers. They are not going to enquire at every one to decide who to use

They will go to the one that shouts the loudest

So grab your megaphone (metaphorically speaking)

Everything thing your business owns or uses, brand it! Get a company uniform, Put your logo on your company vehicle. Get business cards, put your logo on your stationery

Put a big sign above your door saying “we are {blank} and we are here!”

Don’t whisper, SHOUT!

2) Be the face of your business

Some people may remember your businesses name, logo, colours, slogan etc..

But people are a lot more likely to remember the person behind the business

Embrace it!

You want people to say, “I know who can help you, John from Smith inc.”

People like people more than businesses

To do this, don’t be a stranger

Speak to people and don’t be afraid to become friends with your customers and suppliers.

Personal referrals go a long way in the real world (as opposed to online)

This alone can be the difference that sets you apart from ‘cold’ competitors

3) Be a part of the community

Whether or not you are noticed by the local community or not can make or break your business

They have a lot of influence, and if their go to is your competition, good look persuading them to try your business

How do you do this? Get involved!

Be part of events, as a sponsor, a supplier, an investor/ donator

Getting involved with charities is a great way to do this. Charities do a great job at bringing together the local community for a common cause

But more importantly its for a great cause

Your business will grow whilst you are helping people

You can also do the same with local festivals and activities

These local gatherings have strong ties to the area, you can use this to your advantage

4) Make sure people know what you do and why you’re different

Just branding is not enough to convert leads into customers

Branding is great for getting your company name out in the world for people to see

However for the people who know who you are it is now important to that they know what you do and why they should choose you

How do you do this? It’s simple. You tell them

At every opportunity. Give them a reason to pick your business over a competitors

Whatever separates your business from others, Price, Customer Service, Quality

Tell them, and it will seem like you are repeating yourself, it is important to drill home what you do to convert them into your customer

This is where slogans, banners, and catchphrases come in handy to reiterate why they should pick you

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