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5 techniques to increase footfall

Updated: Nov 7, 2018

A large challenge for most small businesses is getting people through your door

Not your competitors

So here are 5 techniques you can try to do so

1) Give a compelling reason

Offers are a great way to get new customers through the door. They attract people who otherwise may never of have even known you existed

But just a 10% off your next order won’t cut it

Don’t be a penny pincher! Their lifetime value will make up for the discount

If you want to attract new people to your front door with deals. you need a compelling offer

At least 50% off is a good start, but freebies are better

‘FREE’ is the most compelling word in business, use it!

It also has to catch their eye. Make it quirky, make it fun, encourage sharing.

People are tired of the old ‘25% off your next order’

Then share it everywhere!

On your facebook page, on flyers or banners, and to your existing customers. Let them share it around

People won’t just magically know about your offers. You have to show them and tell them

2) Look busy

Social proof is a term thrown around a lot in the world of online marketing and e-commerce

But it is such as valuable tool for you to utilise

If a store/ establishment is seen as busy people will naturally assume that you are good

Even if you’re not! Which in turn attracts even more customers

Use this to your advantage

For service based companies try adding a short (fictional) waiting list, create a “we are very busy, and will get back to you as soon as we can” auto response email

For product based companies try (apologetically) advertising that you have almost sold out of a popular item

This may seem counterintuitive, but it adds the social proof needed to make it look like you are really busy

And therefore… very good!

3) The only option

You can also use the old trick of ‘if you can’t beat them, ignore them’

Many people will just present themselves as either the best option or just as an alternative

People know this to be a bias opinion or it may simply not entice them

But simply rewording this to “The {your profession} of {your area}” or “{Your area’s} chosen {your profession}” can have a massive impact

And make it known. Give out Flyers, and hang up Banners that state your message

This does not incentivise that there is any competition in the area, whether there is or not is not important

When they are next in need of what you do, they may not even think that there is another option

4) Leverage competition

In some instances that isn’t possible as people may be aware of the larger companies in the same market

If this is the case, use them to your advantage

There is nothing to not admire about a self proclaimed underdog

In 1962 a car rental company in America called ‘Avis’ knew they weren't the market leaders in the industry and played the underdog card perfectly

They released an advert stating “We are No.2, But we work harder” and sure thing it managed to close the gap significantly on the top spot (Click here for more on Avis’ campaign)

By acknowledging your competition but driving home your USP you can use their size grow yours.

Be authentic and don’t be afraid to jump on the bandwagon

5) The Revolving Door

It’s good to attract more customers but increasing each customer’s lifetime value is equally as vital

One loyal customer can easily be worth 10+ one time only customers

If you want to bring back existing customers

Reward them for their custom

Give coupons to people along with receipts

Loyalty cards with free prizes for rewards

Or, kick it up a notch, incentivise referrals. give money back or offer discounts for referring more customers

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